Grierson Studio

Voyager Journal - Smooth Cherry

The beautiful burgundy tone of the Smooth Cherry leather used in this Voyager Journal gives it an elegant look while still allowing the character from the cowhide to shine through. The pull-up (change in colour when folded or creased) gives it the look of gradient colours and its smooth, waxy finish makes this leather a treat to hold in your hand.

The Voyager Journal is perfect for use with all pen types, especially fountain pens, due to its premium, crisp white 120gsm paper. It features a subtle grey dot-grid which offers a versatile and non-intrusive guide for writing while also allowing you to easily add sketches or tables.

The refillable notebook included in this leather journal is secured in place with a high-quality elastic chord and the leather is reinforced with eyelets. This stops the leather’s holes from stretching and keeps the notebook in place, allowing it to open flat for ease of writing. The Voyager is a substantial journal and comes in one size only.

  • Leather cover - 22cm x 15cm when closed
  • Black 2mm marine grade elastic cord
  • 460g in weight
  • 256-page Nuuna Voyager dot-grid notebook
  • 120gsm premium Munken crisp-white paper 
  • 3.5mm dot-grid spacing
  • Extremely robust jeans label cover material in grey
  • Thread stitching
  • Stylish silver edging

Custom laser engraving is used to achieve the highest quality images.  It will never fade.  We offer a 124 character maximum and the default font will be a western typewriter style.  Both the font and number of characters used can be changed for an additional fee.  Graphics can also be added for an additional fee.  Please let us know what you need, we are happy to help.

NOTE:     As leather is a natural material, some journals may have minor scaring, barb wire scratches or insect bites which only adds to the authentic and rugged nature of our journals.