Create. . . A full colour organised notebook.


This book has yellow index pages for you to log your creations so you can find them in the future. The left-hand side pages are printed with a dot grid. The right-hand side pages are ruled.

The dot grid page has a light blue border.  The ruled page includes a title date block, list tick boxes and a footnote reference section. These sections are divided by dark green semi-dotted lines.

Perfect for study, designing, making todo lists, writing a novel or making a new work of art. This book is printed in full colour to help organise the user in non-distracting ways.  Click the image above to see the layout or buy the book.

Create . . . A Custom Notebook.

Ok that is a summary of what I have just created.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have been using Blurb to create my own notebook.  This came about by not seeing just what I was looking for in the notebook department.  I really like dot grid books. Do not get me wrong.  However I also, very often, enjoy the ruled page for containing words.  When I do write it is usually only on the right-hand side.  On the left, I doodle, sketch, or add other notes to insert into the writing.  So the left needs to be flexible and not distracting.  

One of the things that bugs me is "where is that sketch or antidote?".  That is why I have incorporated an index at the beginning of the book.  Like a "Table of Contents" except it numbers out every page ready for you to fill it in.

In the main section of the book I have placed a Title/Date block at the top of every right page.  This is to help orientate you to begin writing and to look back at in the future.  Down the side are checkboxes or List boxes. Place numbers, letters, checkmarks in them or turn them into space invaders.  At the bottom is a block reserved for footnotes and references you might like to add.  Ok, I know three lines is not a lot, however I figure it might be enough for an everyday carry notebook.

I have used dark green lines to section off the right-hand side.  A step or two away from the normal light red lines.  The left-hand side is bordered with Light cyan.  

Create . . . with dark blue background.

  • Size 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
    180 Pages
  • ISBN
    • Softcover: 9780464243014.                                          $52.39
    • Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9780464243021.                     $66.39
  • Publish Date Aug 24, 2019
  • Language English

To see the layout or buy this book click the image above.  Discounts for bulk purchases apply.


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