A bit about us at Grierson Studio

Growing up on a cattle property in rural Central Queensland was a wonderful childhood. I carry rich memories of those early years of hanging around my father's shed as he worked, riding with him in the Toyota Landcrusier and as I grew older, mustering cattle alongside him. At night time and on the weekends Dad would craft many items from sides of leather.  Belts, saddle bags, reins, bridles and whips are just some of the items that people in the Rolleston district would ask him to make.  There was something satisfying about working with my hands and being part of the rural life and all it offered.


While I loved the land, my desire to learn and see the world eventually won out and I started working as a TAFE Teacher/Tutor for the next decade. I ended up spending a number of years living in Emerald and studying a number of degrees.  After studying for a B.Bus Grad Dip App Comp. MIS and a number of years into a Bachelor of Laws I went to Tasmania for four years.  Here I met and married my wife Paula.  I also studied my B.Teach Secondary (Math, IT).   

We have two wonderful sons and a daughter, who is the youngest member of our family.  She has always been different.  By the age of three she was diagnosed with autism and a learning delay.  Those early years were frustrating and stressful for the whole family.  After several years on the Gold Coast in Queensland we decided to head back in-land to Emerald.  I taught for a term at the local high school and through very stressful circumstances burned out and physically could not go back to Teaching.  The next couple of years saw me dealing with depression and anxiety.  As time went by I started to search for something that would help me find myself again. That's when I started teaching myself art and basic leather work.



Making art and  leather covered journals has brought me back to my heritage of working with my hands, my love for traveling and adventure, and my most recent passion of finding a way to provide financially for my beautiful family.

My dream for Grierson Studio is to create beautiful leather journals to be enjoyed by the world and to provide an opportunity for my children to experience the joy of being part of a family business.  Partnered with a love for excellent stationery and art supplies we strive to find and deliver the best products for you to enjoy.