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DERIVAN Sketch Book Concertina Style A5 Portrait

DERIVAN Sketch Book Concertina Style A5 Portrait

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Artists' and Designer's Books are a work of art in themselves. Create a dynamic storybook piece with your illustrations, text and collage. Span and connect your ideas in one continuous format rather than separate sections or record a landscape, cityscape or seascape in one panoramic view. 

A unique version of the traditional Illustrated Japanese Scroll (Emakimono) used in the 16th century, this concertina-style sketchbook is finished with heavy black covers and an elastic fastener to keep it safe for transport and storage quickly. 

Perfect for depicting long panoramic views, storyboard-like sequences, a project or fashion design portfolio, architectural layouts, or as a photo and presentation album. 

These sketchbooks are suitable for all drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels, markers) and water-based media (ink, watercolour, gouache), and it features one long sheet of paper folded into 18 workable pages. 


PORTRAIT 14.8 X 21.0 cm





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