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The OHTO MULTI 2+1 is a heavy-weight, easy-to-use Multi-function pen with a black and red ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil function. It is easy to rotate between each faction by simply turning the pen so that the symbol of the function you require is uppermost, then press down on the top button to select, and to retract the function, press the button on the clip. This multi-function pen has a cylindrical grip section that is comfortable to use, with a hexagonal barrel and a pocket clip. It is refillable with the OHTO MULTI 2+1 Multi-function Pen Refill in black, red & blue, and it takes standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil leads.

OHTO was established in Tokyo, Japan, and manufactures high-quality dyes & inks. The company has a long history of ink manufacturing. The founder of OHTO, Nakata Tozaburo, worked for the Ministry of Commerce and invented a special ink for Japanese banknotes. Mr. Nakata developed the first ballpoint pen manufactured in Japan in 1949. After the success of their 'Auto-Sharp' ballpoint pen, OHTO designed and manufactured the world's first rollerball pen in 1964. The OHTO range now includes the original ballpoint and rollerball pens and a range of writing instruments that suit your every need, from mechanical pencils to graphic liner pens, ceramic rollerballs, fountain pens and multi-function pens. OHTO continues to expand on their almost 100-year history of ink & writing instrument production by designing and developing new innovative products. 

Wave grip with metal body for easy grip.
Black, Red(Φ0.7) or sharp display upwards to release the tip or lead. 

Size: Overall  length 143.5 mm, Diameter φ11 mm(max  diameter φ11.4 mm)
Weight: 28.2g
Materials: Body/Gripper/Knock/Pipe: brass, Clip: SK material, Knock button: POM

Pen refill:  R-4C7NP Black・Red・Blue φ0.7 

Lead refill:  φ0.5 

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