Blackwing - Two Step, Long Point Pencil Sharpener

The Blackwing Two Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener is the perfect complement to your Blackwing. Designed specifically to sharpen a long point, it has a genius two-part design: the left blade sharpens the wood and the right blade crafts a fine lead point. It comes with two replacement blades (made in Germany) and has an automatic brake to prevent over-sharpening. It suits all conventional lead pencils with barrel width under 8mm. A Blackwing Pencil is not just any pencil, it is an experience! The world's most famous pencil is made in Japan from genuine FSC-certified cedarwood and is available in three iconic models - the Blackwing, Blackwing 602, Blackwing Natural and Blackwing Pearl. Serious writers, sketchers and artists insist on Palomino pencils as their exclusive tools, trusting and benefiting from their unmatched quality.

QUANTITY: 1 x pencil sharpener

SIZE: 7 x 2.7 x 3.6cm

COLOUR: White/Black

SUITS: Palomino Blackwing, Palomino Blackwing 602 and pencils less than 8mm diameter

MATERIALS: Plastic, metal

SOURCE: Made in Germany