Grierson Studio Box - Nuuna Note Book, Pigma Pens & Blackwing Pencils

The Starting Point Set is the perfect way to introduce your friends and family to the world of Blackwing. Each set includes 4 Blackwing graphite pencils, 1 Blackwing No-Repo Blue sketch pencil, 2 Point Guards to keep your pencils from breaking on the go and our Long Point Sharpener that uses a two-step process to first sharpen the wood before precision sharpening the graphite. Included also are two sets of 10 replacement erasers.  At Grierson Studio we have added a ruler, an eraser shield, a Sakura Sumo eraser, and a set of two Pigma micron ink pens. This is the starter kit that will support you from outlining to a beautifully inked line art.

A Palomino Blackwing Pencil is not just any pencil, it is an experience! The world's most famous pencil is made in Japan from genuine FSC-certified cedar-wood and is available in three iconic models - the Blackwing, Blackwing 602 and Blackwing Pearl. Serious writers, sketchers and artists insist on Palomino pencils as their exclusive tools, trusting and benefiting from their unmatched quality.


QUANTITY: 1 x box set

FEATURES: 5 x Blackwing pencils,
                 2 x point guards,
                 1 x sharpener
                 2 x set of 10 replacement erasers
                1 x 15 cm ruler
               1 x eraser shield
              1 x Sukura Sumo Eraser
              2 x Pigma Micron Ink Pens

SOURCE: Made in Japan