Sakura Sumogrip Eraser

This specialised eraser combines SAKURA foam technology with a firmer hybrid-matrix formula so that you can erase marks using minimal pressure. The foam provides a slight tackiness that helps pick up the bits as you erase.

Made with innovative micro-porous foam technology, the Sumo Grip is able to pick up even the tiny graphite particles that typical PVC erasers leave behind. Combining the technology of Sakura's Foam W Erasers  with a firmer matrix of porous foam cells, the Sumo Grip works like a tiny net that gets into all the pits and grooves of the paper surface to scoop up graphite marks and trap them inside the foam cells.

The Sumo Grip erases B–2H leads with minimal pressure, making it easy on your hands and gentle on the paper. It is latex free and contains no harmful phthalates.