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Secret Plait Leather Bracelet with Names

Secret Plait Leather Bracelet with Names

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When you run your hand over the rugged texture of this handmade Leather Bracelet in McCarthy Whiskey, you feel the character of the cowhide it was created from.  Crafted from leather produced by the famous Australian Packer Leather Co., it will age beautifully, and the high oil content leaves a soft, supple feel to the leather. 


    Custom laser engraving is used to achieve the highest quality images.  It will never fade.  We offer a three- or five-name option; the default font will be a Western typewriter style.  The font and number of characters used can be changed for an additional fee.  Graphics can also be added for an additional cost.  Please let us know what you need; we are happy to help.

        NOTE: As leather is a natural material, some journals may have minor scarring, barb wire scratches or insect bite,s which only adds to the authentic and rugged nature of our journals.

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